Curriculum Vitae

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An 18 year old, 1.80m tall Viking under excavation at Sandur Church, Faroes, 1989 (front page of the Faroese archaeological magazine Frøđi)

Excavating a Viking Age
burial, Faroes


Felsite workshop on Ronas Hill, Shetland (survey 2005)

Inspecting Felsite Workshop,


Excavation of Mesolithic/Neolithic site at Lundevågen, SW Norway, 1992

Mesolithic excavation in
SW Norway.


Arran pitchstone outcrop survey, 2006

Pitchstone outcrop survey,


The Northern Worlds Project, Shetland harbour

Northern Worlds Project 2010,


In the early 1980s, I started my archaeological career as an 'amateur', searching for Stone Age sites in cooperation with the local archaeological institution, Aalborg Historical Museum in Northern Jutland, Denmark. After having discovered approximately 50 new sites - several from Stone Age phases yet not represented in the region - I took up Prehistoric Archaeology at Aarhus University and acquired my BA (≈ Exam. Art.), MA (≈ Cand Phil.) and Ph.D. degrees (1988, 1991 and 1999, respectively). All theses and dissertations were on Stone Age topics » Educations and Associations

Immediately prior to the completion of my MA degree, I spent two full seasons (1989-1990) on the Faroe Islands, participating in the excavation of a Viking Age settlement and cemetery. During the period 1992-1998, I was employed at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo (the Norwegian National Museum) in a number of capacities, such as managing two Stone Age excavation projects in Southern Norway (the Farsund Project [1992-94, 96] and the Oslofjord Project [1997-98]).

After my arrival in Scotland in 1998, I have worked as a lithics specialist for archaeological units, museums and universities. A brief summary of my activities since 1998 includes:


      Honorary Research Fellow, School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences, University of Bradford.
  • Member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CMIfA)
  • Fellow of the Society of Antiquarians of Scotland (FSA Scot).
  • Member of the Implement Petrology Group
  • Member of the Lithic Studies Society
  • Member of the International Association for Obsidian Studies


Lecturing: eg, University of Glasgow – Department of Archaeology and Department of Adult and Continuing Education.
Workshops: eg, University of Southampton, University of Reading, University of Glasgow/Department of Adult and Continuing Education, Scottish Archaeological Research Framework, Biggar Museum, Elgin Museum, and Falconer Museum (Forres).


2017 –
Panel Member
Member of the South East Scotland Archaeological Research Framework (SESARF), under the auspices of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and in partnership with Historic Envi-ronment Scotland.

2013 –
Editor of GUNFLINTS – 'Beyond the British and French Empires occasional newsletter from an informal working group’.

2010 – 2012
Lithics Consultant
Consultant to the international inter-disciplinary research project 'Northern Worlds / Shetland – the Border of Farming 4000 – 3000 BC' under the auspices of the National Museum of Denmark, and in cooperation with Shetland Amenity Trust.

2009 –
Lithics Consultant
Consultant to the AHRC-funded Kilmartin Project ('Rock Art in Kilmartin Valley, Argyll, Scotland'), University of Southampton.
Panel Member
Member of the Upper Palaeolithic/Mesolithic Panel of the Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (ScARF), under the auspices of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and in partnership with Historic Scotland.

2008 –
Attached as advisor ('critical friend') to the Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (ScARF), Neolithic Panel, under the auspices of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and in partnership with Historic Scotland.
Group Member
Implement Petrology Group (joined 24 May 2008).

2004-2008 –
Vice Chairman
Lithic Studies Society (elected Vice Chairman of the Society 27 October 2004).

2003-2008 –
Committee Member
Lithic Studies Society (elected member of the Group 29 October 2003).

In addition, I have worked/work as a referee/reviewer for the following journals: Antiquity; Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports (SAIR); Lithics; and Scottish Archaeological Journal.

Since the establishment of Lithic Research in 1998, I have produced approximately 200 reports on lithic assemblages for clients in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and Ireland, as well as a number of publications.